Welcome to New Zealand Ploughing Association Incorporated.

One of the aims and objectives of the association is to promote and encourage interest in the art and skill of ploughing the land.

To achieve this, up to twenty three Qualifying Events are hosted by individual Associations throughout New Zealand each year and the Winners compete at the annual New Zealand Ploughing Championships held over two days in April or May. Day One is the Stubble competition and Day Two is the Grassland competition.

The four championship  classes are as follows:

  • Gulf Oil Silver Plough (conventional)
  • Farmlands Fuel Reversible
  • Rural New Horse Plough
  • Johnson Gluyas New Holland Vintage Ploughing Championship

The Winners of the Gulf Oil Silver Plough Conventional and Farmlands Fuel Reversible Classes represent New Zealand at the Annual World Contest held in any one of the thirty countries affiliated to the World Ploughing Organisation.

New Zealand Ploughing Championships 2019

The 2019 New Zealand Ploughing Championships are being held on 11 & 12 May at Chertsey. "Higham" the farm hosting the event has been in the Wilkinson family since the 1800s. As well as the ploughing there will be trade displays and the Mid Canterbury Vintage Machinery Club will have a display of machinery from yesteryear. After the competition ploughing each day there will be a demonstration of modern farming equipment. A grass paddock will be ploughed, cultivated and sown in wheat with the biggest equipment available today.

For any further information please contact:

John Hall 021 689 480
John Davison 0274 364 464

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Coming Events

NZ Ploughing Champs Locations

2018 New Zealand Ploughing Championships - Thornbury

2019 New Zealand Ploughing Championships - Rakaia

2020 New Zealand Ploughing Championships - Takapau


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Our Valued Sponsors

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Silver Plough - sponsored by Gulf Oil
Reversible Plough -  sponsored by Farmlands Fuel
Vintage Plough - sponsored by Johnson Gluyas New Holland Vintage Ploughing Championship
Horse Plough - sponsored by Rural News

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Sponsors for their valued support and we look forward to a long and profitable association for all parties.

Board Member - Colin Millar
Email:  colin@millarz.co.nz
General Secretary - Sarah McCully
Email: sjajmc@farmside.co.nz

New Zealand Ploughing Championships 2018

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